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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo, — Coronavirus is on so many college campuses across the United States, but fortunately, so far this year, Colorado Mesa University has had a low number of positive cases. CMU says its campus has been so safe because of the students. However, even during a pandemic, students say there are still college parties happening, but those parties look a little different than previous years, and there are many students not going to the gatherings at all.

Jake Grenier, a CMU junior, says the current college parties are “the same as the usual college party. They are just a little smaller.” CMU students say the local house parties have about 20 to 30 guests, and Emma Kenner, a CMU freshman, says “COVID really isn’t your first thought when you are at a party,” and another student adds that people get really close and usually no one is wearing a mask.

In response, CMU Vice President, John Marshall says, “it’s when we start to see really large gatherings that we start to get concerned.”

According to Mesa County Public Health, the largest number of positive coronavirus cases in the county are among people ages 20 to 29 years old, so in attempts to slow the spreading, CMU has consequences in place for anyone violating any precautions. For instance, Marshall says, “worse case, if a student repeatedly isn’t making good choices and is endangering the campus, they’re probably not going to be a student here any longer.”

Mainly, CMU officials are relying on students to act like adults, and many students have not been going to college parties at all this year. These students are taking the pandemic very seriously because they do not want to get anyone sick and enjoy learning on campus. So, it bothers them when they see other students acting reckless. Kyle Karren, a CMU junior, says, “it’s frustrating, but there isn’t a whole lot you can do about everybody else because you know college kids are going to be college kids.”

And on the weekends, instead of going to bars or house parties, many CMU students say this year they are getting very creative with their free time by going rollerblading or mini golfing.

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