Twenty Coloradans have been hospitalized with the flu since August 1st. This is double the number of cases that the state usually sees this time of year. 

As a result, those with Mesa County Public Health are warning you to get ready for flu season.

Already this year, Mesa County has seen a hospitalization due to the virus.

Those with Mesa County Public Health said the best way to stop the spread of germs is to wash your hands, limit contact with sick people, and to stay at home if you’re feeling ill.

They also want to stress getting vaccinated. They said when doing so, you’re not only protecting yourself, but protecting those around you who may not be able to get the vaccine.

“Small children, as well as those who are going to chemotherapy, may be at higher risk. By getting vaccinated, you’re helping to keep the spread of disease down. This is because we can not only get sick from influenza but we can also just carry it,” said Andy Tyler, Regional Epidemiologist with Mesa County Public Health.

Last year, Mesa County had 168 hospitalizations due to the virus.

The Department of Public Health is urging you to contact your health care provider to make an appointment, or to call Mesa County Public Health at (970) 248-6900.