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Colorado Considering "Red Flag" Gun Laws

Grand Junction, Colo. - Colorado's "Red Flag" gun law would allow a judge to temporarily take away a persons guns.

This is the second year in a row Colorado lawmakers have introduced this type of legislation.

This would allow a family member, someone in the house or law enforcement to go to a judge and ask for an extreme risk protection order.

If after going before a judge they are still seen as a risk, the person seen as a risk could lose their guns for up to 364 days.

Colorado lawmakers see this as either a protection of the public or crossing a line on their constitutional rights.

"I'm not doing this for Alex and my family, i'm doing it for yours," Rep. Tom Sullivan says.

However, Rep. Janice Rich says, "I still believe that it violates the second amendment and also violates the 5th and 6th ammendment, when we're talking about due process"

That 5th amendment issue being a right to not be deprived of life, liberty and an emphasis on property without due process.

You can click here to see the bill.

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