Colorado Considers Presidential Election Changes

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The Colorado legislature is considering changes to join a group of 11 states that would give their vote to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote across all 50 states.

The National Popular Vote bill has cleared the state Senate and is moving to the House of Representatives in Colorado.

If signed by Governor Polis, this would give all 9 of Colorado’s electoral votes to the most popular candidate.

A Colorado Mesa University professor of political science simplifies why using the electoral college keeps national elections equal.

“It would likely tilt the election towards the will of the larger states rather than the system that we have now which tries to provide a balance between both the larger states and the small states,” Associate Professor of Political Science Justin Gollob says.

Even if signed by the governor, the rest of the country would still need 89 electoral votes to reach the minimum number of 270 to choose to vote based on the popular choice.

The plan would packge the hypothetical 270 electoral votes and award them to the candidate who wins the popular election.

This proposal could also run into conflict with The Supreme Court of The United States if it is seen as conflicting with the United States Constitution.

This bill has passed through the Colorado State Senate in 2006 and 2007, and also passed through the state House of Representatives in 2009 but was not enacted.

You can click here for the National Popular Vote’s stance on the election process.

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