April 14 was the last story about a Colorado couple planning to run the 486 mile long Colorado Trail in just 18 days, and they’re planning to raise $100,000 in donations to help the Kids Aid program. Now, on Thursday, July 16th, it’s time for the plan to take action. Melinda McCaw says, “We’re going to average about 27 miles per day.”

Some people think running that daily distance in the burning sun and harsh terrain is unthinkable, but this Colorado couple’s burning calories to end hunger. Doug McCaw says, “When I think of going without food, it’s kind of an unthinkable thought. So, Kids Aid really helps to fill that gap.”

So, how do you train for a 27 mile per day marathon, for 18 straight days at an average elevation of 10,000 feet? Anyway you can and everywhere you can. “We’ve done a lot of runs. A lot from the house. Part of our route from the house out into the Monument is actually over Riggs Hill.”

Riggs Hill was named after Elmer Riggs after he discovered the Brachiosaurus in 1900, but Doug and Melinda train on Riggs Hill for the Colorado Trail, and they’re doing it for elevation. The only problem is Riggs Hill is half the elevation. Riggs Hill is at an elevation of 4,859, but most of the Colorado Trail sits at 10,000 feet with the highest point at 13,271 feet, but Melinda is ready for the trek. “Being out there challenging myself. Seeing what I can do. What can I get through?

This couple will take close to a million steps towards the goal of making $100,000 in donations to end the hunger for that one child in eight in Colorado. When asked who’s crossing the finish line first, this couple answers in unison, “We’re crossing together, definitely.”

To follow Doug and Melinda McCaw on their journey, or to donate to help end child hunger in Colorado so kids are only hungry to learn, click here.