We all know why Forrest runs, and we know why the doctor says it’s healthy to run, but why did Doug and Melinda run 490 miles? “The why is big, you know? Which is obviously, to help kids,” says Melinda McCaw.

This Colorado couple’s conquered the Colorado Trail in 18 days to raise 100 grand to feed kids in need, and by the way, that’s an average of 25 miles per day. Melinda says, “The longest run as far as time on trail was about 14 hours. the longest distance day was 35 miles.”

Doug and Melinda trained at the Lunch Loop Trailhead for elevation, which is nothing compared to the 87,000 feet of gained elevation on the Colorado Trail in harsh terrain, and the elements. Melinda says, “We had a couple days on the trail where we got hit, got caught in some hail and rain storms. The hail was like the size of my thumb right here!”

It would equal 1,970 laps on your local High School track, to equal the same distance Doug and Melinda ran, and they did it in the wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail, and in avalanche debris! Why do they do it? Doug McCaw says, “This was about challenging ourselves, and raising money for a couple of good charities.both charities help and support kids, and keep things going.”

This couple has battled the elements, fought fatigue, and took on the terrain with help from the most important person in their lives, their daughter. “She actually joined us for one day for eight miles of that day at the beginning. It was really cool,” says mom, Melinda. Doug says, “Yeah, she ran eight miles and then she finished it with us. We finished as a family.”

Doug and Melinda raised $21,423, but the goal is $100,000 towards Kids Aid, a program that helps fill the gap by providing meals on the weekend for kids that qualify for free or reduced lunch. Intermountain Adventist Academy is a private school educating our future leaders, including the McCaws daughter.

To do your part to help elevate kids, and change their lives, click here.