Colorado Data Shows No Link Between Gym Attendance and COVID-19 Cases

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The New Year is fast approaching and so are the New Year’s resolutions, are you ready?

General Manager of Mesa Fitness in Clifton, Paul Manzella says, “Usually we see upwards of 400, or 500 members during January, new members coming in. We’re hoping to see a general spike like that again this year.”

Next year may see a lot less. The Colorado Fitness Coalition says most gyms are at less than 50% capacity, gym revenue dropped five to ten percent since Mesa County went back into level red on the COVID risk dial, and if this trend continues, Colorado might lose 200 gyms, 22,000 jobs, and 12 million in payroll taxes, but new data shows what fitness experts have always known.

Gene Lawyer says, “I started bodybuilding in 1994, and I did that like nine years, and then had a son. I think the gym is one of the safest places.” Manzella agrees. “If you can stay healthy, and stay fit. You’re going to have a better chance of fighting the virus off,” said Manzella.

Excuses are like opinions. everyone’s got one. So, don’t let the fear of COVID be your excuse for not hitting the gym because a new study shows there’s no link between COVID transmission and gym attendance. Researchers with the Oregon Consulting Group compared 32 weeks of Colorado gym attendance and nearly 8.5 million check-ins, and found no correlation between COVID cases and gym attendance. On top of that, Mesa Fitness has a 5 Star Variance. “We clean every hour on the hour. We have an overnight cleaning crew, and we also have bottles everywhere. So that you guys can wipe down equipment before, and after use,” said Manzella.

That’s not all. Mesa Fitness also has an hvac system. Manzella says, “If people are concerned about fresh air, we get fresh air into the building every 10 minutes.”

The 5 Star Variance is keeping the doors open so you can feel the burn, but if you’re still paranoid, here’s another personal precaution. Lawyer says, “Whenever I get done working out in the gym, I’ll wash up, and I’ll even wash my water bottle.”

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