Colorado Department of Transportation launches “Uncomfortable High” Campaign

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Everyone knows the dangers of drunk driving, but many people are not as scared to drive high. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, fatal car crashes related to driving under the influence of marijuana have been on the rise since 2017. In response, CDOT has created a new campaign called “Uncomfortable High” to curb marijuana impaired driving.

CDOT listened to thousands of marijuana users, and many agreed that driving high is a danger. However, there was a small number of cannabis consumers who do not believe it is dangerous, and they even think they might be better drivers while high. So, for those who truly believe they are better, CDOT launched the “Uncomfortable High” campaign to change their minds.

The campaign was created by Coloradans, for Coloradans, and the goal is to create a similar stigma for driving high as there there is for drunk driving. Sam Cole from CDOT says, “we don’t care if you use marijuana. It’s legal, just like alcohol. But, we care real hard if you use marijuana and get behind the wheel.”

Joshua Griffin, a local Coloradan, agrees that smoking marijuana and driving is dangerous. He says, “you’re not going to be as thoughtful when it comes to driving because you’re going to be focused on food or what you are going to be doing.”

Griffin also says that the campaign is good for people from out of state, so visitors know the seriousness in which driving while high will be taken.

Marijuana affects your perception of time, distance, and speed. Therefore, for example, if you are pulling out into an intersection and there is a car coming towards you, the car could actually be a lot closer than you think, or it could be going a lot fast than you think. So, to prevent any further fatal car crashes related to driving high, the campaign is determined to curb the cannabis filled cars by running on all digital platforms for the next month and a half to educate everyone on the dangers of driving high and secure that stigma.

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