Colorado Eligible for Next Gen 911 Transition

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If am emergency were to strike at any moment, you would want to make sure that first responders were wasting no time in getting to you.

And with Next Gen 911 call centers, that response rate could be even faster. Colorado took the first steps in making sure all call centers could upgrade to this new technology.

The infrastructure at the GJ 911 Communications Center is considered old tech.

The state just got approved for a hefty federal grant that could change that.

The National Highway Traffic Safety, and Telecommunications and Information Administrations OK-ed Colorado for 2.4 million dollars to upgrade their call centers across the state, and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission will match that with 1 million.

The first step in the upgrade has to do with how calls are transferred to different agencies, done through an IP network that will allow centers to easily transfer 911 calls across the state.

They’ ll also be able to receive videos, pictures, and other data along with the call, and information from smart devices like cars and smartwatches.

This quick data transfer could also help to make an emergency response faster.

The IP network switch is just the first step in a longer renovation process that could take years to complete.

The one issue still facing call centers looking to upgrade is funding, since although the state is helping in the initial upgrade, it’s not clear how costly this will be down the line.

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