Colorado is Ranked the 5th Worst State to Drive In

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A new study reports Colorado as the 5th worst state to drive in, and that’s according to WalletHub.

WalletHub came to this conclusion by comparing the 50 states across four key factors: 1) Cost of Ownership & Maintenance, 2) Traffic & Infrastructure, 3) Safety and 4) Access to Vehicles & Maintenance.

That’s not all. WalletHub also evaluated those factors using 31 other metrics, across the 50 states, and the data ranges from gas prices to rush-hour traffic congestion, and road quality.

Three main data segments stand out. Colorado is the 13 worst state for auto maintenance costs, 9th worst state for average gas prices, and the 6th worst state for car theft.

If you’re thinking about what the worst driving state is, no, it’s not California, it’s Hawaii!

To see how the other states ranked in the study, click here:

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