Colorado lawmakers are applauding for the introduction of the new and improved Transportation Bill. Senate Majority Leader, Steve Fenberg (D-Boulder County), says, “It’s time for a transportation system to get us where we need to go the way we need to get there.” Governor Jared Polis says, “Most importantly, this bill is for you. It’s to finally fix our damn roads. It’s to finally address the frustration we all feel when we’re stuck in traffic.”

Polis says the average Coloradan loses $600 a year stuck in traffic, but here on the Western Slope, what traffic?

The nearly 5.3 billion bill aims to save Coloradans money including reducing registration fees. “Every Coloradan who has registered their vehicles will save money with this bill,” said Polis.

The bill also aims at investing more into a dynamic transportation system like electric vehicles and support for those vehicles improving air quality. “This is the year we will make it happen,” said Fenberg.

Finally, the bill states how they’re going to pay for it because you can’t have a transportation bill without a transportation fee, and the cost to most Coloradans will be 2 cents per gallon of gas starting in 2022. The transportation gas fee bill will increase 1 cent each year until it reaches 8 cents per gallon. The bill would cost each Coloradan $28 the first year. The bill will also increase registration for electric vehicles $4 per year for ten years and $3 per year for hybrids. There will also be additional delivery fees, and rideshare fees. Governor Polis says, “We can add real value to the lives of every Colorado business, and every Colorado family, and that’s exactly what this bill which represents years of hard work does.”