Colorado Leads the Country in Vote By Mail Amid COVID-19

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- In an emailed statement to KREX 5 and Fox 4, a spokesperson for the Colorado Secretary of State’s office says Colorado is ready to help other states to quickly adopt a vote by mail system amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This statement also claimed Colorado is a national leader for mail ballot voting, citing an almost 98% of participating voters in Colorado’s Super Tuesday presidential primary casting a mail ballot.

Colorado started mail ballots in 2013. It’s a topic Coloradans are familiar with, but not the majority of the country. President Trump has been quoted saying he doesn’t want states implementing mail-in ballot systems out of concern of election fraud.

But the chairman of the Mesa County Republicans says he supports this established system in Colorado despite what the president says.

“I fully support the mail-in system we do here,” said Kevin McCarney. “We have a series of checks and balances that go on. And I have full confidence in the mail-in system.”

Ballot drop boxes open June 8 in Colorado, that’s the week ballots are sent out for the June 30th primary.

McCarney feels the president is against other states moving too quickly to this system.

“I think he’s talking about places implementing it because of the virus.”

The Mesa County Clerk and Recorder also emphasizes the efficiency of Colorado’s ballot system.

“We always have a bipartisan set of judges,” said Tina Peters. “That by the time a ballot comes here, to the time it’s tabulated, counted, and packed away and sealed, there’s always a bipartisan team of a republican and democrat.”

You can find all the information about Colorado voting on the Secretary of State’s website or the website for the Mesa County Elections Division.

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