Colorado Legislators Comment on Upcoming Presidential Debate

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — The Coronavirus pandemic, the economy, and healthcare.
The issues affecting the nation also impact Colorado and the Western Slope.
“Health insurance premiums are sky rocketing right now, especially in light of Covid, they’re going to continue going up,” says Matt Soper, the Colorado House Representative for District 54.

That’s why local legislators believe it’s important for voters to tune into the second and final Presidential debate, Thursday evening.
“To continue to hear Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s plan and his ability to deliver a plan and make sure Americans are safe,” Leroy Garcia, the Democratic President of the Colorado Senate says when asked what he wants to hear during the debate.

A big change in this debate format is that microphones will be muted during portions of the debate. The decision is the result of the chaotic first debate, when candidates interrupted each other over 100 times.
“If you have people interrupting all the time, or not choosing to interrupt, those can be interpreted as strong leadership skills or not… but by having the microphone turned off, the public is denied the opportunity to see the restraint from our number one leader,” says Soper.

Both representatives KREX spoke with agree that one of the biggest topics they and their constituents want to hear about is healthcare, and the pandemic.
“Certainly with president Donald Trump, he’s had 4 years… If he wanted to fully dismantle Obamacare, I think he would have done so in the last 4 years,” says Soper, when asked if Trump would get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Soper believes if elected again, Donald Trump would implement a plan to lower private insurance costs.
“Addressing this pandemic and ensuring safety and security, working on healthcare accessibility and not eroding that through a method like the supreme court,” says Garcia, when asked to list some of the most important topics for Thursday’s debate.

But no matter what topics are covered, it’ll be the last chance voters get to hear the candidates debate and make the case for why they should be the next President of the United States.
“I think the president has done a terrific job in dealing with Covid 19, mainly because public health emergencies are actually a matter for the states,” says Soper.
“We need a leader in the President, who can bring people together, one, and you find that in Joe Biden,” says Garcia.

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