The 2 gun national pistol competition is coming to the Cameo Shooting & Education Complex in Palisade, but a letter from Mesa County Sheriff Todd Rowell to Manager Walt Proulx of the complex about the law banning high capacity magazines and the hardship it causes is under fire. Sheriff Rowell says, “That law is a very, poorly written law. So, you can legally possess a high capacity magazine under certain circumstances, and I’m not interested in going there, and start looking through people’s bags. These are people that are coming to our community to compete in shooting events.”

The law states a person may possess a large-capacity magazine if he or she owns the magazine on July 1, 2013, and maintains continuous possession and that law is sponsored by State Senator Rhonda Fields for District 29. ” I wanna do things that’s for the common good,” said Fields. “It’s not just about me. It’s about my neighbors, it’s about my state, and we just can’t have a renegade out there saying, “I don’t care.”

A bill introduced in February by Representative Perry Will allowing a person to possess an LCM for the purpose of shooting competitions lost in the house. But, an anonymous competitor sent Rowell’s letter stating his position to the group called, Colorado Ceasefire. Eileen McCarron with the group says, “We’re not talking lawsuit, we’re not talking anything else. We want the gun range to comply with the law, and not be abusive to the state legislator by seeking a law as a waiver, not getting it, and going ahead.”

Proulx with the Cameo Complex says about 200 competitors across the country are coming to the shoot at Cameo, and as the event gets closer, Sheriff Rowell stands by his word. “I think we have a lot of problems going on in this community and worried about competitors, and what they have in their bag. I’m not interested in that,” said Rowell. “We have fentanyl in our community. We have people that have mental health issues that we need to focus on, and we have criminals in our community. Those people aren’t any of those things.”

Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein weighs in on the situation. Rubinstein said in a statement to KREX, “I completely support Sheriff Rowell for not prioritizing investigating crimes when we lack information the crime is being committed, and it does not appear to impact public safety.”

Members of Colorado Ceasefire are paying close attention to the competition. McCarron says, “If they pursue, and go with what they do. Well, that’s stage 2 for us to pursue what to do.”

Next for Rowell, it’ll be up to the voters.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife owns the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex. Travis Duncan with CPW provided KREX with the following statement. “CPW is committed to the safe and legal operation of firearms. This of course includes compliance with CRS 18-12-302, 18-12-303. Organizations holding shooting events on CPW properties will require participating individuals to sign an affidavit that they are in compliance with Colorado’s laws.”