Colorado to ban single-use plastic bags

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The Governor Jared Polis signed a law that will ban single-use plastic bags and polystyrene food containers. The law could change your shopping experience as the state of Colorado works to reduce waste.
This law will ban single-use plastic bags in 2024. Retail stores will charge customers 10 cents per bag starting January 1, 2023. This law will hopefully slow the pollution of rivers and oceans and relieve pressure of landfills.

The law will not go into affect until 2024 to allow retail stores time to use up their inventory. Shopper’s are encouraged to bring personal canvas bags to avoid the 10 cent charge per bag starting in 2023.
“I’m pleased because the law will finally start getting me to bring my canvas bags back to the grocery store, and with any luck I will start doing that before 2024,” Robert Walker, Mesa County resident said.

plastic bags and polystyrene food containers never degrade entirely causing an increase of pollution and quantity at landfills. Landfills are often over flowing with single-use plastics. Although reducing our usage of these plastics will not solve our pollution problem, it is a step in the right direction.
“I feel like there is a lot of waste going on and it kind of gets inconvenient honestly,” Gabrielle Bowman, resident said.

COVID-19 impacted restaurants and retailers financially and caused shoppers to switch back to using single-use plastic bags during the pandemic. The battle against COVID-19 caused shoppers to use single-use plastic bags more often, but it’s now time to start the trend of using personal canvas bags once again.
“It’s better for the earth, and you look cool with your own bag,” Bowman said.

Low income shoppers and food stamp participants will not be charged the 10 cent per bag few.

Although this law won’t go into affect until 2024, it’s never to early to reduce our waste.

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