GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Among other things, Colorado is known for its beautiful landscapes and natural features including the Dolores River surrounded by breathtaking canyons. Scott Braden, director of the Colorado Wildlands Project, and pilot Gary Kraft of Eco Flight invited me on an aerial tour over the Dolores River area while Scott told us just why saving this area is so important.

Protecting the natural beauty is reason enough, but the area is also home to unique flora and fauna including a variety of irreplaceable species. Indigenous tribes inscribed petroglyphs along Roc Creek, hunting and farming these lands for thousands of years before ranchers ran cattle and sheep or miners dug for copper and uranium.

Scott and the Colorado Wildlands Project want to protect the ancient history and hidden secrets here from impending threats and destruction from renewed attempts at uranium mining and increasing recreation. Like so many others, Scott has very fond memories of this region so saving it is also personal.

And giving future generations the ability to make similar memories and understand its value may be the most important part of saving this place.