GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — On Jan. 3, during the Board of Mesa County Commissioners’ first public hearing, the Board unanimously voted Commissioner Cody Davis as the 2022 Chairman of the Board.

Davis succeeds Commissioner Janet Rowland, who served as Chair in 2021, “I’m excited and I’m optimistic about 2022,” Davis says, “I think there is a spirit an attitude here in Mesa County that people can feel and get on board with.”

Davis has big plans for the new year, “Things we want to work towards is one infrastructure projects that we have plans for this year, we’ve got a lot of town halls that we will hopefully break ground on this year, we’ve got a lot of broadband projects that we’d like to see some progress on this year.” Davis continues to say, “We’d like to focus on mental health issues this year and I speak for myself and my other commissioners that we really want to focus on bringing up the mental health level here in Mesa County.”

Along with a new chairman, some changes come to the commissioners schedule.

Residents can now attend public hearings on Tuesdays, giving both Commissioners and community members more time to prepare.

Typically the chairmanship rotates among the members at the beginning of the year. The Chair of the Board presides at all meetings and signs all county orders. By law, this official has the right and the duty to vote on all questions before the Board unless excused by a standing rule of the Board or other Board members’ consent.

Chairman Davis has a strong understanding of the critical issues in our community. He has first-hand insight into how Mesa County can work more cooperatively with businesses and residents to strengthen the quality of life in Mesa County.