Grand Junction’s Community Hospital becomes the first hospital in the state of Colorado to offer the SelfCare for HealthCare program to its employees. 

This is a 12 month program that nationally acclaimed author and hall of fame speaker, LeAnn Thieman says hospitals invest in, in order to nurture the bodies, minds and spirits of their caregivers. 

Thieman says SelfCare for HealthCare reminds caregivers through motivational readings, email, workbooks, and videos that it is crucial to care for themselves through deep breathing, laughing, and getting an adequate amount of sleep. 

She says although it may sound like a simple task, most health professional’s often forget to put their own needs first.

“It’s amazing already we are learning that hospitals that have used SelfCare for HealthCare have increased engagement, 16 percent decrease in sick days, 13 percent increase in retention,” Thieman said.

Theiman says so far, her program has been implemented in hospitals across the United States, and hopes others in the state of Colorado will follow Community Hospital’s lead.

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