Community Hospital receives recognition because of how they integrate health and safety into the workplace.

The hospital received a certification known as the Health Link’s Healthy Business Partner. 

This recognition comes from the hospital holding managers and supervisors accountable for supporting health and safety, actively preventing workplace injuries, and extending health and safety services to employee spouses, domestic partners, dependents, and the greater community.

“I think what’s really important about this certification is that Community Hospital is really leading the way in employee wellness and that’s exciting for us. We’re a leader in the community, we work with other local employer groups to set that example and that’s something we continue to strive to do is to always set that bar as high as possible”, says Tawny Espinoza the Vice President of Business Development at Community Hospital.

This is the third year in a row that Community Hospital has received this certification, and they tell us they’re excited for next year where they plan to increase the standards that helped them receive this certification three years in a row.