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Competitive Canines Gather in Vail for Games

GoPro Mountain Games include several competitions for dogs

LOMA, Colo. - During the winter months Vail is packed with skiers and snowboarders, but starting today, a whole new kind of fun is taking over the mountain town. There are a variety of events at the GoPro Mountain Games, but one of them is especially adorable.

Brian Chapman loves the games he goes to with his dog Sally. "Her name is Sally, I found her when she was a puppy, and she's been water crazy ever since," said Chapman. He and Sally have been competing for five years now.

The DockDogs events at the GoPro Mountain Games involve pups launching into the air and swimming through the water. "Big air, extreme vertical, and speed retrieve, and then we switch over to racing dogs, two dogs at a time," said Chapman.

Even though the sport revolves around the animals, Chapman said he loves it too. "It's about making memories, is what it is. Because dogs don't live forever," said Chapman.

The GoPro Mountain Games started on Thursday and will end on Sunday. To view the entire schedule, visit their website.

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