GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Just one day after the first live committee hearing discussing the January 6th insurrection, a group of Colorado voters rallied outside of Representative Lauren Boebert’s office building to demand change. “Get out of government you don’t belong there,” said Anne Landman, during a demonstration on Friday, June, 11.

The group called, Our Revolution has sent Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold a letter calling on her to investigate the involvement of Congresswoman Boebert in the insurrection, and the goal is to ban Boebert from the general ballot in Colorado. “Anyone who has signed an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States, and who has participated in an insurrection is ineligible to hold office,” said Landman quoting the 14th amendment section 3 as the means to kick out the congresswoman. Landman says, “Lauren Boebert has done both of those things. She fulfills that criteria and based on that she shouldn’t be eligible to run for office. so, she should not be on any ballot anymore in the United States.” Group organizer, Scott Beilfuss with the Mesa County Democrats says, “She’s not representing us. She’s representing national groups that donate to her campaign, and it’s time to come home and meet your voters.”

The goal nationwide for the Our Revolution group is to get 1 million voters to call on their secretary of state to give insurrectionists the boot. But, the goal for the local chapter is to have a conversation with Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. “There’s never anybody there, ” said Beilfuss. “Boebert’s not in her office, and we wanted to let her know that people know where she is, but would like to hear from her. Especially, on these issues.”

The letter, the petition, and the demonstration are aimed at barring insurrectionists that were elected and Beilfuss says the proof of Boebert’s involvement is in a picture with far-right extremists involved in the violence. “She was backed by those groups as part of her campaign, and she seemed to sign on with them as evidence by meeting with people in pictures with people from the Proud Boys, and some of the other far right groups in the valley.”

Beilfuss claims Boebert gave tours to far-right groups at the capitol just before the insurrection and sent multiple tweets including one hours before the riot saying, “Today is 1776.” Boebert has denied she played any role in the riot that sent lawmakers fleeing for their safety.

After a long list of other grievances, Landman ends with one more comment. “She’s wrong for Colorado, she’s wrong for the country, and she’s wrong for the future.”

Friday’s protest comes on the heels of an investigation into Representative Boebert’s finances in 2020 where she’s accused of paying herself more than $20,000 of mileage reimbursements from her own campaign.

Representative Boebert could not be reached for comment at her Grand Junction office, or her office in Washington D.C.