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Concerns Raised Over New Downtown Parklet

Such Concerns Include Cleaning, Security, Potential Camping and More

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Historical Downtown Grand Junction is an incubator for testing new ideas, but the grand opening of the Parklet this afternoon on 5th Street has some downtown business owners and regulars voicing their concerns.

A Parklet is essentially a small park and the location is typically next to businesses downtown to help provide more of a greener atmosphere.

Some of the concerns being voiced revolve around parking, cleaning, potential camping, and how the Parklet would be monitored.

The grand opening of the Downtown Parklet commenced Friday afternoon with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, coffee, and the chance to take a seat in downtown Grand Junction's newest addition.

"They're all over Colorado and the country and it's essentially creating a mini public park. An easy way to think about it is when you look at Main Street in Downtown you have these outdoor kind-of public spaces, and really this is just a variation to that", says Brandon Stam the Director of the Downtown Development Authority.

Although, some business owners and regulars to the shops in the area have a variety of concerns.

"Well I think it's dangerous, and I think that - no matter what you do there are going to be drunk drivers - I know they come from all the bars downtown and if one person is a little buzzed they could slip and hit a boulder", says Jonovan Kirk who's a regular at Roasted Coffee.

"I think it's awesome, it's something new for Grand Junction. My concern is who will be hanging out here? Will it get destroyed? How is it going to be maintained? Are people in Grand Junction going to enjoy it and take good care of it?" asks Cindy Enos-Martinez who owns property in Downtown Grand Junction.

We asked other business owners in the area if they felt this would have any positive or negative effects on their business.

When speaking with the owners of Roasted Coffee they tell us, "It's aesthetically pleasing, it catches the eye. It makes downtown more of a hangout."

When speaking with the owners of Loki Outerwear they're the response is, "I think it's cool, it's a good idea, it's worth trying. If it was in front of our business, I'd have to consider the pros and cons of it."

The Downtown Parklet is located outside of Tacoparty and Roasted Coffee at 132 South 5th Street.

The Parklet takes up a total of five parking spaces, which many business owners requested be filled due to frequent accidents on the one-way road.

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