The first confirmed activity of West Nile Virus in the Grand Valley was announced on Wednesday, July 26. 

The Grand River Mosquito Control District and Mesa County Public Health have five mosquito traps in a five mile radius of Grand Junction, and they test these for West Nile Virus every week. One of the samples of mosquitoes tested positive for West Nile Virus. 

About one in every five people that have West Nile Virus develop symptoms, such as headache, fever or fatigue. Worst case scenario, West Nile Virus could result in the swelling of the brain. Those with Mesa County Public Health urge individuals to take care when outside. “It’s important to take precautions because the disease can affect some people very severely. And, if you can prevent the disease by putting on a repellant, avoiding mosquito bites, it’s worth it,” said  Thomas Orr, a disease investigator with Mesa County Public Health.

Some of these precautions include emptying out any standing water, wearing protective clothing, and using EPA approved repellents with an active ingredient like DEET in them. 

To contact the Grand River Mosquito Control District, call them at (970)257-0191.