Congresswoman Elect Lauren Boebert Has Made History

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RIFLE, Colo.

Lauren Boebert’s campaign journey possibly began over a year ago in Aurora when she confronted Presidential hopeful, Democrat Beto O’rourke in a town hall meeting discussing gun violence. The clip of Boebert went viral in September 2019, and Boebert told KREX 5 during an interview she realized if she took a stand, and spoke about her beliefs, she could affect and represent millions.

Now, the race for the two year seat is over, and Congresswoman elect Lauren Boebert has made history. “This is a tremendous victory! This is a huge win! This is my first campaign. This is my first time running for office,” said Boebert.

She is not only the first woman to represent Colorado’s Congressional District 3 made up of 29 counties, 48% of the state, roughly the size of Mississipi, but she’s also the first mom to represent the district as well. Congresswoman Elect Boebert says, “A way has been pioneered for average, ordinary citizens to rise up and take a stand to serve our country, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. The United States Congress. The House of Representatives was intended to be lead by citizens.”

Now, Congesswoman elect Boebert will take her seat in congress among 434 others, but she’s definitely not ordinary, and she’s just getting started. “Right here in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, we have more than 80% federal lands, and I want to continue America’s energy independence, and pursue energy dominance because nobody does it better than us,” said Boebert.

Lauren Boebert says she wants to make healthcare affordable for all Americans, and advocates school choice, but the only question left to answer and the only possible obstacle left for this gun rights activist from Rifle, is how successful her policies will be, while the Democrats control the House.

I asked Congresswoman elect Lauren Boebert, “Are you expecting a call from the President?” “I’m always expecting a call from the President of the United States,” said Boebert.

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