Comments from both the public and public figures are welcomed at the commissioner’s meeting. Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, Tina Peters, was at the commissioner’s meeting on Monday with grievances. “I am now the clerk and recorder. I demand to have my election department turned over to me,” said Peters.

Peters is under criminal investigation for an alleged elections security breach leaking sensitive election data and passwords to a Q’anon conspiracy group. This fall a Colorado judge ruled Peters could not oversee the 2021 election in November. Commissioner Cody Davis for District 1 elaborates on the order. “Judge Robison said until the election is completely done, that’s the 2021 election, and she listed both the actual election, the hand count, all the ballots being redacted and uploaded online, and all the ballots being recounted on clear ballot. Until all of that is completed, Wayne Williams will be the designated election official,” said Commissioner Davis.

The remaining elections processes could take months to complete, and the criminal investigation could take even longer, but Peters is persistent. Peters says when reading a document, “It says neither the Colorado constitution nor the Colorado revised statutes vest the Colorado Secretary of State with the ability to appoint the designated election official for Mesa County. What you’re doing by continuing to keep me out of my elections office is unlawful.”

Commissioner Davis reiterates the steps still ahead before any transition can take place where Peters resumes her duties as the designated election official. “So, we wanna make sure there’s no identifying information on those ballots before we upload them online. And, then after that, then we have to ready the ballot images for Clear Ballot to count them as well. So, once both those processes are done, then by court order Tina Peters will resume her duties as the designated election official,” said Davis.

Something that could change should the FBI, Secretary of State or local district attorney charge Peters with a crime.