Coronavirus Pandemic Changes the way Some Folks Work

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FRUITA, Colo. — Kari Kwinn teaches people how to teach yoga. Aaron Furman works in the global cannabis industry.
Furman’s job requires international travel. Kwinn’s job requires her to teach in a room full of students.
That all had to change when the Coronavirus pandemic shut down international travel and large gatherings. “I was very fearful, but yes, it helped me re-brand and focus on the things I needed to focus on,” says Furman, a managing partner of Full Spectrum Origins.

Like many others, the couple was uncertain what the new jobs might look like. But Kwinn, who owns Kari Kwinn Yoga, LLC, found there was a high demand for online classes. Furman discovered the seminars he taught in-person overseas, could be effectively held right in his living room.

“The transition was pretty easy for me, the biggest transition was for the students, and convincing them that learning online was worthwhile, which isn’t always, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job bringing people online with me,” says Kwinn.

After working digitally for a few months, the couple decided to go mobile, with the goal of serving their clients in a new way. They took a jump and purchased an airstream.

“As soon as we drove it off the lot, we put our stuff in it and we hit the road… and after about a week we decided that’s what we wanted to do, so we drove home, put everything in storage, and now we live here full time,” says Kwinn.

Living in the airstream lead the couple to park their shiny new home on a farm in Fruita temporarily. Furman says he’s there to meet local farmers and other clients. “I took it as an opportunity to go mobile and start doing face to faces instead of zoom calls and having phone calls,” says Furman.

And for Kwinn, the vagabond lifestyle was a dream come true. “The pandemic helped me realize that rules have changed, and there’s a lot of different ways to do things, so it helped me feel the freedom to live the life I’ve always wanted to,” says Kwinn.

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