Coronavirus Vaccine Enters Phase 3

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Moderna Therapeutics was the first to start human testing of a Coronavirus vaccine on March 16, and now, it’s ready to test 30,000 volunteers. Director, Dr. Jeff Kuhr with Mesa County Public Health says, “We’re flattening the curve to take away the pressure on our healthcare systems. So, that vaccine, theoretically, will take care of that pressure first and foremost.”

More than 147,000 people have been killed by the virus in the United States, and there are more than 4.2 million confirmed cases nationwide needing a vaccine, but what does this mean for Mesa County Residents? Director Kuhr says, “I think it’s good news they’re on a phase three, but I will say that to manufacture enough vaccines for everyone in the world is going to take quite a while.”

The first U.S. company has entered the final phase in finding a potential Coronavirus vaccine, and testing it on over 30,000 volunteers, but our local health expert says it’s a little too soon to tell. So, you better be safer than sorry. “Let’s go back, and consider what happened during H1N1 in 2009. So, there was a vaccine developed for that strain of Influenza, and the role-out was fairly slow,” says Dr. Kuhr.

While waiting for a potential vaccine for COVID-19, Dr. Kuhr says to continue following the preventive steps to prevent you from catching COVID-19. Being safe is following the steps: wear your mask, wash your hands, and the doctor says if you can, use paper towels because the friction cleans your hands better. For those with concerns about getting sick from a vaccine, think again. Kuhr says, I don’t think anyone should be afraid they’re going to get the virus from the vaccine because that really doesn’t happen with anything else that we do, and so, that’s a myth more than anything else.”

Moderna Therapeutics hopes to have FDA approval by the end of this year, or the start of 2021, and once that happens;the company expects to distribute half a billion to one billion doses of the Coronavirus vaccine.

Currently, there are 25 other vaccines going to human studies, and another 141 are currently, being lab tested.

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