COVID-19 Measures to Keep Voters Safe

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Tuesday, June 30th is the big day for the 2020 Primary, but citizens are sharing their voice right now, and they’re proud of their patriotism. Gail Hansen arriving at the ballot box located at Mesa County Public Health is one of those citizens. Gail says, “Exercising my civic duty, I’m voting today!”

Coronavirus cases have been spiking in some parts throughout the country, but Colorado has many safe ways to share your American right, and share your voice. Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, Tina Peters says, “I would encourage people to vote. There’s so many ways you can vote.” “Really important to vote in every election. Especially, this year,” says Hansen.

It’s important to stay healthy too, but you have the right to choose to wear a mask, or not. Peters says some people have health risks associated with wearing a mask such as re-breathing carbon dioxide. “We encourage people that do wanna wear a mask, that can wear a mask, to do so,” says Peters.

Gail isn’t taking any chances on her health, or her hubby’s. Gail says, “My husband’s in the car. We’re both voting today. High risk. Appreciate Colorado’s options for voting.”

Don’t let the Coronavirus prevent you from practicing your American right to make a difference. There’s plenty of personal protective equipment at polling centers near you. “We have six foot distancing, we have masks, we have sanitizers, we have plexiglass shields,” says Peters.

If that doesn’t do the trick, then how about one of the ballot boxes located in different spots in the city like Mesa County Public Health? That’s where Gail, and her husband went. “Now, lets see what happens to my candidates, but regardless. If I don’t like the results, I get to complain. I voted.”

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