COVID-19 screening saves veteran

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Ron Sommerhause went to the VA Medical Center to pick up a prescription.

“And on the way in they were checking temperatures and what have you and I coughed a little bit,” says Sommerhause.

Sommerhause was asked about other possible Covid symptoms, to which he responded he had a little bit of fatigue. The staff member told him to go to the emergency department for more testing.

“And lo and behold they ended up keeping me. I had Pneumonia. I had no idea,” says Sommerhause.

He had been diagnosed with double pneumonia in the 80’s, and the doctors at the time told him if he got it again, it could be fatal.  But he and the VA were able to catch it before it was too late.

The VA started its Covid screenings when the pandemic first began last year.

Kayla Holst who works for the va says this incident was a small silverlining in all the devestation the pandemic has caused.

“At first we know it was a little cantankerous for our veterans to come in and even our staff to go through the screening process,” says Holst. “We never assumed it would catch other illnesses or other situations like Ron’s so it makes me so much more happy that we were diligent to keep it and keep it consistent,” she says. And Sommerhause agrees. “What do you say? God bless you. Thank you. Words can’t explain my gratefulness to them and the care I got,” says Sommerhause.

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