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Since Monday, January 11, 4,489 doses of the COVID cure have been administered in Mesa County. Director of Mesa County Public Health, Dr. Jeff Kuhr says, “If we can keep our hospital numbers down by vaccinating and protecting those individuals 65, and over. I feel like that’s the key.”

The goal for phase 1A is to vaccinate 7,000 individuals dealing directly with COVID patients by the end of January 2021. The goal for phase 1B is to vaccinate first responders, essential workers, and individuals 70 and older by the end of February, and it’s not even a leap year. “The end of last week, and the beginning of this week we’ve administered vaccine to 600 individuals in that 70 plus age group,” Kuhr said.

And, your city council member is one of them. Chuck McDaniel says, “I was happy to have a vaccination. I was really anxious to get a vaccination, and today was my day.”

MCPH is happy that 70 somethings are stepping up to get a sore arm taking pressure off the hospitals because the supply isn’t meeting the demand. “Right now, the delay is getting vaccine into Mesa County,” Kuhr said.

The doors at Mesa County Public Health are open to vaccinating 2,000 people per week. “The lady told me I’d have a sore arm, but to not expect much else,” McDaniel said.

MCPH is putting in an order for 6,000 doses per week, but they’re getting a lot less. “We only received 1,000,” Kuhr said. “This week we’ve ordered 6,000 doses for next week, and we’ll see, but we’ve been told that the state is only getting 67,000 doses.”

All these stats are showing that operation Warp Speed is anything but warp speed.

Once the supply meets the demand, point of dispensing locations, or (POD) facilities like the Grand Junction Convention Center will be able to administer 1,600 more doses per day. Dr. Kuhr says, “We have a great relationship, a great partnership with the city of Grand Junction on that. Their role in this is to provide that facility to us at no cost.”

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