COVID shots went into the arms of kids 12 through 15 years old on Tuesday, May 18 in Grand Junction. Physician Assistant with the Warrior Wellness Center at Central High School, Rosa Gardner says, “We’re allowing kids to reach some semblance of normalcy again.”

Marillac Health is hosting the kid vaccine clinic at the wellness center inside the school, but everyone’s invited. Dana Schmidt with Marillac Health says, “It’s not restricted to just Central or just students. It’s anyone in our community that’s ages 12 and up.”

The goal is protecting others and the single key is two words: herd immunity. “Pfizer’s only FDA approved under emergency use for 12 and up. So, all of those people 12 and under are not able to get vaccinated. There’s also some people that have immune compromising conditions that are not able to get vaccinated. So, me getting a vaccine, you getting a vaccine, our friends and neighbors getting vaccines protect those of us that aren’t able to get vaccinated,” said Gardner.

About 17 million children can get the vaccine, there are 1,600 students at Central High, but this is a one of a kind clinic, and once again, it’s open to everyone. “It’s the only wellness center that’s located in an actual school anywhere on the Western Slope,” said Schmidt.

Only 62 people registered to get their shot in the arm on the first day of the only vaccine clinic located in a school on the Western Slope for kids 12 and up, and since there was no line, so KREX 5’s Rob Hagan got his.

Next in line is Addison Cain a 14-year-old student at Bookcliff Middle School who’s getting it to protect her dad and to get to sing without wearing a mask. “I thought it would be more convenient and more safe to get the vaccine,” said Addison.

The toughest part about getting vaccinated may just be the transportation to get to the high school. “You can sign up online and schedule your appointment. When you schedule your appointment it actually schedules your second dose at the same time,” said Schmidt.

The next vaccination day is Wednesday, May 26 at Central High School. For more information, click here.