CPW Awaits Bear DNA Results For Final Investigation To Be Concluded

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife has confirmed they have killed the bear they believe is responsible for the recent bear attack that is responsible for wounding 5-year-old Kimberly Cyr.

The attack has left her with 77 stitches on her back. The child is in good condition and is expected to have a full recovery.

It happened at 2:30 Sunday morning sending CPW on a search for a 130 pound male bear. But at 9 p.m. Sunday wildlife officers did lethally remove one 2-year old male boar bear.

CPW says they are confident the dead bear is the same one that attacked Cyr based on witness statements, but will wait to get DNA results for a final investigation to be concluded.

“The bear is currently being transported to our wildlife lab in Fort Collins, Colorado where a full necropsy will be done to look at the overall health and look at diseases and anything else,” said JT Romatzke, Regional Manager of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

This isn’t the first time CPW believes the bear has left his print. About a week and half ago there was another bear report about a half a mile away from Cyr’s attack where 11 pet chickens were killed.

“Part of the comparison of the Wyoming lab and part of the comparison from our Fort Collins lab –we’ll be looking to compare as to whether or not this was the same animal,” said Kirk Oldham, Area Wildlife Manager of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The man who owned the chickens, Shawn Pinnt tell KREX 5 News the bear came back where the chickens were killed and it was shot in the backyard of his home.

“[CPW] we’re sitting in their vehicle with night vision and it walked by the truck. They didn’t know if it was a bear. It stood up next to the passenger side and they had to shoot it at the point,” said Pinnt.

Though CPW believes the bear responsible is dead, they still have traps set up and will continue searching the area.

You can find the full CPW press conference discussing that the bear was killed by clicking here.

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