The price of this year’s harvest is coming with some new changes, as Colorado Parks and Wildlife have made some upgrades to license requirements and fees.

In order to qualify for a limited license application this year, hunters are required to purchase a qualifying license.

Since the new changes, CPW’s customer service representatives have received a lot of questions and some complaints from participating hunters.

CPW says they’re making sure that all hunters are participating in wildlife management.

“Wildlife in Colorado is managed with sportsman dollars, not tax payer dollars, so it’s very important that all hunters understand that it’s their fees that go towards managing the wildlife that everyone in the state of Colorado can enjoy,” said CPW Public Information Officer Mike Porras.

Colorado resident and hunter Richard Reno went online to apply for this years hunting season and says he was confronted with questions.

“If I don’t want to hunt small game, why should I have to buy that license,” said Reno.

While some hunters remain unhappy, CPW says the increases are to be able to provide the best services possible.

Hunters are urged to study the changes to license requirements and fees.