CRAIG, Colo. (KREX)–Approximately 60% of Craig’s economy comes from coal; whether it be from the coal mines in the area, or the Craig Station power plant. These facilities will be closing down soon, and when it does, it’ll leave a bigger hole in the town of Craig than the mine itself.

Craig Mayor Ryan Hess says he knows it’ll be difficult to fill that void, but he and other officials are doing everything they can to try and get new businesses and industries into Craig. If successful, those people who currently work at the plant and mine will likely be able to use the skillset they had, and transfer it directly to new jobs. Some industries Craig is trying to bring in are aerospace manufacturing, or light industrial manufacturing.

Craig already has the infrastructure in place to serve a new industry. Located equidistant between Denver and Salt Lake City, and smack-dab between I-70 and I-80; Craig is an ideal location for moving product quickly and efficiently.

It may still be a few years out, but the mine closing will likely hurt Craig’s economy. Rest assured though, officials are doing everything they can to make the transition as seamless as possible so Craig can continue to be successful for generations to come.