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Cross Country Bicyclist has Awareness on the Brain

William Galloway makes unexpected stop in Fruita

FRUITA, Colo. - One man's cross country bicycle trip made an unexpected stop in Fruita on May 4, after a Grand Junction couple helped him get to the hospital. The bicyclist, William Galloway, said it's moments like these that keep his feet pedaling throughout the country.

Galloway has been on his recumbent bicycle for seven months, after starting his journey in New Jersey. He's already made it all the way to the West Coast, and now he's on his way back. "I just decided to take off on a bicycle," said Galloway.

While on his trek back, his leg was hurting him while he was on the side of the road. A Grand Junction couple saw this, and did a double take. "The couple that passed me half a mile down the road, backing up to see what I need, it only takes one to care, one to listen, and when they offered me the food I just said, well, I need to get to the hospital cause of my left leg," said Galloway. The couple took him to the hospital in Fruita.

Galloway is missing part of his skull, and is biking across America to raise awareness about people living with brain injuries. "If they don't see the people with the brain injury, or don't understand it, that's the hardest part, because it makes it more frustrating. [He wants] somebody to understand how good of a worker you are or how you might socialize in the public," said Galloway.

He's never given up, even on the coldest days and steepest mountains. "Faith hope trust, and when you give up that then you give up everything," said Galloway.

If you would like to help support Galloway's trip back to the East Coast, his email is fundraiser3000@gmail.com and his paypal is WilliamG799.

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