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Cross Orchards Adding New World War II Exhibit & Victory Garden

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Cross Orchards is digging up new ideas for their railroad history and agriculture themed museum.

"We're working today in what we call our 'Clean-Up Day' and we're just getting ready for the open season", says Matt Darling the Manager of Cross Orchards Historic Site.

And when it comes to their plans of adding many new additions, they're keeping themselves hard at work.

"We're also trying to get ready for our first special even for the year, April 7th, 'A Day In The Orchard' where we'll be planting trees and working in our new World War II era Victory Garden", says Darling.

The Victory Garden is being built around a World War II era home and the home will be receiving some special treatment as well.

"We'll be planting trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables, all kinds of stuff. We're madly trying to get all the debris and other stuff out of the way", says Darling.

The apple orchard, which will be introducing a variety of new strains that have never been grown in the Grand Valley before, has already broken the ground for their new irrigation system.

"Now as you can see here, a lot of work has really gone into this orchard getting it prepared for the spring season, such as these furrows, which distribute water more evenly to the rest of the apple trees on the orchard", reports KREX5 News Reporter Tyler Young.

"We're getting ready to plant, we're getting ready to clean up the ground, and we're getting ready to install all the new irrigation equipment", says Darling.

So when it comes to the idea of mixing an apple orchard with a railroad transportation museum, figuratively speaking, you really can mix apples with oranges.

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