Since the season has turned to spring, it seems to be Ted Cruz season as well with the Texas senator winning the last three primaries.
There is no mathematical way for Cruz to win the republican nomination outright through reaching the 1,237 delegates but he’s trying to stop Donald Trump to do just that. That’s why Colorado is key for the presidential race…
When presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz took the stage, speakers at the state’s republican convention had already made it clear he had the room. 
“Folks, this is another year that we can make a difference. And so, that’s why I’m supporting Ted Cruz for president.” said Wayne Williams, the Colorado Secretary of State. 
“Hillary or Trump? America deserves someone a heck of a lot better than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.” sai d Jerry Navidad, a candidate for Colorado’s U.S senate seat.
Heading into the day Cruz had swept the 21 delegates who have pledged to a candidate. There are 7 that are unpledged currently, with the last nine yet to be voted on. Cruz- who relative to the Front runner Donald Trump, is consider the political insider, tried to separate himself from that title right off the bat. 
“You look at the roots of the world politics, There are two parts- ‘Poli’ meaning many and tics meaning blood sucking parasites.”
Though as Cruz attempts to force Trump into a contested convention, he was also trying to separate Ohio Governor John Kasich as a falling behind the pack. 
“We now effectively have a two person race. There are two and only two candidates with any plausible path to the republican nomination.”
Both Kasich and Trump were absent in person, though they did send staffers to address the crowd. This makes Cruz the first presidential candidate to speak at the state’s republican convention since Ronald Reagan in 1976-coincidentally someone Cruz says he idols.
“And what did Reagan do? He cut taxes, he lifted regulation . We saw small businesses take off, millions of new jobs, it generated trillions in new government revenue.”
The way the state’s republicans have decided to support a presidential candidate has been referred to as one of the most confusing in the nation, If Cruz is able to win the nomination through a contested convention, then the theme will continue.
The last nine delegates were close to the last results of the day.  These delegates are not tied to keep their pledge all the way until July. They have up to the eve of the convention change their mind. 
Next week in Loveland, will be the Colorado Democratic Convention and News Channel Five will have coverage from there as well.