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Crystal Singing Bowls Healing Meditation

Grand Junction, CO - Close your eyes and take a deep breath; this is how each Crystal Singing Bowls Healing Meditation sessions begin at the Center for Spiritual Living.

This ancient Chinese and Tibetan form of meditation has made a new home in the Grand Valley.


"The healing is based on the principle that everything is in vibration, everything that exists vibrates, and every part of our physical bodies has a certain vibration that it works at when it's in optimal health and well-being", says Kate Fotopoulos, one of the session leaders for the Crystal Singing Bowls Healing Meditation.

Fotopoulos tells us, "Like many forms of meditation when someone is able to drop into a deep state of silence, their innate healing mechanisms that are part of who we are as human beings kick in and will start to bring things back into balance for your body."

The bowls are only able to provide this vibration and sound from a specific material.

"They're made by melting down pure quartz crystals, like someone would have on their dining room tables, at about 3,000 to 4,000 degrees (Fahrenheit) and then blending them with various minerals and gemstones", says Fotopoulos.

The leaders of the meditation session tell us their attendees have noticed positive changes thanks to the therapy.

"We've had many people tell us about shifts that have happened for them, that they've come in with bad headaches that left by the end of the session, or they came in with emotional issues or some kind of a situation in their life that was troubling them", says Fotopoulos.

There's also one more added benefit, we're told; "No prescription and pretty much no side-effects", says Fotopoulos.


The sessions take place every last Wednesday of each month, and they also provide private sessions for anyone interested.

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