CSP urgers you to drive safe amidst pandemic

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A trooper out of the Montrose Troop Office wants to spread the word on how crucial it is to drive safely right now. Colorado State Patrol Troop 4A Captain, Matt Ozanic, said that Thursday morning, his troopers investigated a fatal crash on Highway 65 on Grand Mesa and investigated another fatal crash with a motorcycle on Highway 139 last week.

Fatal crash on Highway 65 on Grand Mesa

Colorado State Patrol Troop 4A asks that you be safe while traveling.  Troopers are still patrolling our highways.

“This coronavirus has affected nearly every aspect of our lives, and every pocket of our society. Some more than others, certainly, but everyone has had to make a change. Everyone is feeling some pain. At the same time, there are things we cannot allow this pandemic to influence. Our hope. Our resolve. Our concern and empathy for our fellow citizens. And. Yes. Traffic Safety.

There is a rumor circulating that State Troopers are not enforcing the law. I assure you this is not the case. Across the state, in the month of April alone, troopers have issued over 1,500 citations and made over 125 arrests. Without a doubt, we are making fewer traffic stops, but this is largely because there are fewer vehicles on the roadway. Aside from traffic stops, we are making a concerted effort to increase our community involvement, and our visibility at other locations, such as grocery stores, for example.

Though the coronavirus has changed our operations slightly, what it will not do is detract from the Colorado State Patrol’s mission: to ensure a safe and secure environment for all persons by utilizing the strengths of our members to provide professional law enforcement services that reflect our core values of Honor, Duty and Respect.

We are enduring change alongside each of you, both as fellow citizens, and as those sworn to provide for your safety. Never doubt our concern for each of you, and please remember, regardless of the impact COVID-19 is having on your lives, when you get behind the wheel, driving becomes the single most important thing you are doing at that point in time. Stay safe” – Trooper Eric Carlton

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