D-51 Officials comment on illness sweeping schools in the Grand Valley

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PALISADE, Colo. — Over the last several days, District 51 officials have been forced to cancel classes at two schools in Mesa County.

An illness has been sweeping through the corridors of the buildings, affecting a large number of students and staff members.

Mt. Garfield Middle School closed Monday afternoon at 1:00 pm.

Administrators say about 30 students were out sick at the start of the day, due to vomiting, with officials then sending another 23 students home for the same reason.

30 kids who called in sick at Mount Garfield Middle School. The day started off pretty normal, then we had another 23 go home, and there are 63 out that we’re just not 100% sure why they’re out. So, we’re just operating as though all of them are sick, and that means we are going to close down, and that we have extra disenfecting going on tonight.

Emily Shockley, School District 51

Mt. Garfield Middle School will also be closed on Tuesday, as cleaning crews disinfect the campus.

Meanwhile, after dealing with an illness outbreak of its own, Palisade High School opened Monday, but officials say 41 students were still absent.

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