District 51 partners with COVIDCheck Colorado, CMU Grads test for COVID-19 before commencement

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This COVID-19 test has a finals week of its own. Planning for a socially distanced ceremony, Colorado Mesa University’s protocol requires a graduate to test negative on order for them to walk during Friday’s commencement.

Graduates who are at high risk, are currently in quarantine, or test positive this week will participate in next spring’s commencement.

“We’ll be maintaining a very few number of rapid tests available for those last-minute folks,” John Marshall informs, “But by end-large, we’ll make sure that everybody gets tested here Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, make sure they have those ready to go in order for Friday commencement.”

“Getting your drive-thru results at these sites are just as simple;” Cora Dickey says, “you’ll get a phone call if you test positive….and a text message if you don’t.”

In light of the new partnership with COVIDCheck Colorado, District 51 leaders jumped to get tested today, setting an example for the community.

“I just wanna know,” Emily Shockley says, “so it’s important to get tested. I think everyone should get tested. Even if you’re not showing symptoms, it’s just important to know your status.”

Tests have been done in five minutes. Opening the new sites is to help encourage more people to be sure.

“I think we try to do the best we can to follow the mitigation factors, and make sure that we’re keeping our masks on, keeping our distance, and things like that but I think that it’s wise just to get tested anyway; just make sure, in case you’re asymptomatic, that you definitely get those test results and make sure you’re not going into a place being COVID-positive.”

Appointments for D51 students and staff are to be made at www.primarybio.com/l/d51 using their staff or student ID number.

Family members and community members can use this link: www.primarybio.com/l/cdphe

CMU asks graduates to use this link in order to have a master list to check everyone in quickly on the 11th.

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