D-51 Superintendent explains 2020 in-person and virtual learning plans

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. — School District 51 announced Tuesday night that 100% in-person learning will return, but an online option will be available too.

Masks will be required for 6th-12th grade, and all grade levels must wear masks on buses.

Superintendent Diana Sirko tells KREX 5 she’s nervous for the upcoming school year, but optimistic the district and community is ready to handle whatever the upcoming semester might bring.

Erin Johnson Schmitz, a concerned D-51 parent says, “I don’t actually view it to be a complete plan to begin with– to just jump into with their phase 1 being 100 percent in-person learning for elementary just seems like a recipe for disaster.”

Erin Johnson’s daughter has attended Nisley Elementary but will attend a local charter school next year. Regardless, Erin tells us she’s having her daughter learn online.

“There’s too many variables, they’re already planning for kids to get sick.” – Erin Johnson Schmitz

D-51’s Superintendent says normally for a school to close down because of illnesses, 15 percent of students have to call out sick, but with COVID-19, that number will be lower.

“On a disease such as this, i’d say we would probably be closer to about 10 percent per school.” – Diana Sirko, D-51’s Superintendent

Additionally, School District 51 will be utilizing federal CARES Act funding to increase personal protective equipment supply, and increasing student health staff to help identify and take care of symptomatic students and staff. D-51 also might look at a way to provide COVID-19 testing in-house.

For more information on COVID-19 guidelines in regards to D-51’s upcoming school year, click here.

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