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D51 Adds Private Security Guards To All Elementary Schools

Private Security Guards Around Till End Of The Week

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - School District 51 continues to increase security for students in the Grand Valley by adding private security guards to elementary schools.

In response to recent school threats found on social media and information given through the Safe-2-Tell app, private security guards from Citadel Security USA will be patrolling all elementary schools.

The district tells us there are no immediate threats driving the decision but would prefer to take the safest initiative.

"We did receive several reports from Safe-2-Tell. There could be school shootings or there were threats to the school and by having this added security we were able to investigate with our own team in law enforcement and resolve those real quick", says Tim Leon the director of safety and security for D51.
Security guards will remain in elementary schools through the end of this school week, and the district will continue to look into security needs over Spring Break to decide their next steps.

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