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D51 Steps Up Security Features

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - On August 15th, District 51 students and staff will start school and see all the changes that came from the Bond and Mill Levy money voted on last fall.

Among those changes are security features District 51 has set aside $2.5 million for.

New security features implemented like key locks and electronic security are limiting the type of access people can have to enter into certain schools.

"Some people will have 24/7 access or [if] they want to rent a cafeteria for a day so we can check them out a key that works one day like a motel room key," said Eric Nilsen, Director of Maintenance and Ground.

The school's doors will be programed to be unlocked so students can pass and go to their classrooms until the start of the school day. Once school has begun, a vestibule is there for anyone wanting to pass the school's main doors creating a single point of entry.

"Unauthorized I'm locked in, I state my business, get approved for entry and then she can release the door," demonstrated Nilsen.

And if a lockdown does have to take place, it can be done in 30 seconds with the touch of a button.

"We can lock all the schools' doors from the office or from our security computer at central administration."

District 51 will also have increased police presence doubling their security team from 4 officers to 8 providing a safer environment for students.

"Believe it or not kids will come up to a uniformed officer and talk to them and get to know them will disclose information to them," said Tim Leon, Director of Safety and Security.

It's a security system District 51 felt needed to be applied to put families at ease and makes students feel comfortable.

The district does add that teachers and staff will get training to learn more about how the security features work.

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