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DACA Deadline Approaches

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Tomorrow is the last day that DACA recipients can renew their permits.

Meanwhile, we're learning that a number people on the Western Slope are being affected by this deadline.

"Sad, frustrated. They aren't really sure what their next step is going to be," said Nicole Bernal Ruiz, Program Director with the Hispanic Affairs Project.

This is the reality for many who have relied on DACA services for several years.

"Today is the last day that young people are able to renew their DACA status in order to get it in by October 5," said Bernal.

This will leave many dreamers living on the Western Slope without employment authorization as soon as their documents expire.

"We in the Grand Valley have seen a big rush of students trying to apply. Unfortunately, not as many as we thought are eligible to renew," said Bernal.

The only ones qualified to apply would have to have their DACA expire between September 2017 and March 2018, leaving many unable to make the cut off.

"The young people that are affected are very saddened. Most of them know no other country besides the United States. Some of them have lived here since they were babies," said Bernal.

For the time being, Bernal said they are at a standstill. The next step for them is to focus their energy on the Dream Act.

"We don't want to trade DACA for border security and increased spending on enforcement. We understand that politicians barter to get things done, but we're hoping for a very clean Dream Act."

Those with the Hispanic Affairs Project said those with CIS are already processing renewals very quickly.

Within the next few months, they will know whether or not their renewal application was approved or denied.

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