Dangerous Wildlife Comes Out In Spring

Local News

Warmer tempertures bring residents out on the trails,

But people aren’t the only ones coming out to enjoy the sun.

Bears for example are starting to wake up right now.

And they haven’t ate in a while. Which means if they can’t find food quickly.

They’ll start looking at those secondary scources, and they may move into town. they may move into your back yard.

Which is obviously, not a good thing. bears are on a strict two strike limit.

So if they are caught and tagged in town and they come back again, that bear will have to be put down

because it becomes a threat to human health and saftey.

It’s not only bears you need to be on the lookout for.

It’s important to be aware mountain lions could wander into your neighborhood.

spring is peak season to spot mountain lions in urban areas, like grand junction. and they’re coming

into town for the same reason bears do… food!

Whether it’s to eat pets or deer that people have attracted.

The key is: to not bring the food chain onto your front lawn.

Don’t feed, don’t approach, and dont harass.

And if you do spot an animal of prey around town, including raptors, call colorado parks and wildlife

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