Deer and the Dangers of Feeding Wildlife

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This winter season, you may want to help out any chilly animal you see by throwing it some food now and again. But according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, feeding wild animals is not the best idea.

You may think it’s harmless: an apple for the neighborhood deer, some bread for a fox or bunny, and they’re just so cute! But feeding wildlife can do more harm than good, for both the animal and you.

These animals may look cute and fluffy, but trying to give Bambi a snack is not a great idea. First of all, giving animals human food can hurt their digestive systems, and in some cases, even lead to death.

Not to mention that feeding wild animals is also illegal.

And handing out food can bring unwanted animals into your territory, like predators who follow the deer to feed. In general terms, it’s best to just leave wildlife alone.

And especially this time of year, feeding animals can be very dangerous, with mule deer going into their rutting season and becoming more aggressive to other animals, including dogs and their humans.

But even if these deer weren’t extra aggressive, feeding, and even approaching, wildlife is never something that should be done.

And studying up on animal behavior, and appreciating them from afar, can keep you, and them, safe.

More information can be found on Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s website, here:

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