DELTA, Colo. — The Delta County Board of Commissioners recently approved free recycling for all Delta County residents, through Double J Recycling located at 21538 Austin Road, in Austin.  The program will begin on Tuesday, June 1, and includes plastic bottles and containers #1 and #2 only, paper, cardboard, metals, and glass.  There will still be a fee for any electronic waste which includes anything with a cord or battery.  Recycling hours at Double J Recycling are Tuesday – Friday from 9:00a – 4:00p.

Additionally, there will be paper and cardboard ONLY recycle containers located at the public works building in Cedaredge, in the parking lot across from the Post Office in Delta, and in the Farm Runners parking lot, in Hotchkiss.

Recycling at the North Fork Transfer Station in Hotchkiss will end on Saturday, May 29.

“We are happy to see this program be available to all Delta County residents,” said Mike Lane, Delta County Commissioners Chair, “Up to this point, free recycling was only available at the North Fork Transfer Station, outside of Hotchkiss. It was a good pilot program that benefited primarily only North Fork residents. Relocating the bulk of the recycling to Austin is a great mid-point for all Delta County residents to travel to.”

For additional information and a full list of recyclables at Double J Recycling visit or call 970-835-3706.