DELTA, Colo. (KREX) — Delta planners are ready to fire up construction equipment and put the town’s Main Street on the road to a full on makeover. CDOT awarded Delta a grant worth more than $100 thousand dollars to renovate Main and make downtown life better.

One major goal of its preliminary demonstration project is to redirect truck traffic.

“A lot of mirrors get knocked off of cars, it doesn’t feel safe to get out of your car, if you’re parked on Main Street,” Delta’s City Manager Elyse Ackerman-Casselberry describes, “We would provide more space for everybody so that, whether you’re parking car or you’re walking, or you’re driving, it feels like a safe environment.”

City Manager Elyse Ackerman-Casselberry says they need a permit to green light the project and fix the biggest road bumps.

“The demonstration project is gonna be a test drive to calm traffic,” Cora Dickey reports, “Once drivers aren’t speeding, city officials hope people can enjoy more of what Delta has to offer from local businesses to pocket parks.”

Part of the demonstration includes having one lane in both directions down Main.

“We’ll have the same impact as if we were putting new curbs in, new sidewalks, and new asphalt. It’s temporary with paint and other things that can be installed and then uninstalled,” Ackerman-Casselberry informs.

Redesigning Main Street will score big wins for the downtown community and businesses, including more outdoor dining.

“The other businesses are talking about doing murals,” City of Delta Place Brand Manager Darin Hamm shares, “That’s what I hope to see a lot happening because of the energy that comes from the downtown demonstration project.”

Nothing is set in stone, so town officials want to hear ideas from the public.

“There’s been feedback in the city for quite some time; how to make the downtown safer, how to make it to where the traffic isn’t going through so fast, how to make it so people can feel safe getting out of their vehicles,” Hamm concurs.

“This is a test,” Ackerman-Casselberry clarifies, “So, we will be seeking input from the community from the traveling public from the walking public from our business community to see what they like and don’t like.”

Truckers are encouraged to utilize Confluence Road as a safer route to the highways.