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As larger events like Country Jam and the All-Star Game end, the state of Colorado is returning back to a normal lifestyle. Rural communities like Mesa County, continue to battle COVID-19 with the Delta variant being the biggest concern. After big gathering’s at events like the All-Star Game, COVID-19 spikes are likely.

Mesa County is still cautious of its residents traveling and attending events, but health officials are starting to see some positive trends in Delta variant cases.
“Based on the samples we are having slightly fewer cases. It’s still prevalent and I would say it makes up about 90% of the cases we are seeing,” Jeff Kuhr, Mesa County Public Health said.

Hospital capacity is still high and health officials want residents to still be cautious as they begin to head outdoors.

jeff kuhr, mesa county public health, sot
“If people want to do things outdoors in big crowds, I think its fine. We know that being outdoors drastically reduces your risk of contracting COVID, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take caution,” Kuhr said.

With the steady gradual decline of the Delta variant here in Mesa County, public health officials are urging the public to get tested regardless of their vaccination status.
“What we need to figure out is how long that protection lasts. If anyone has any symptoms of any kind, whether they have been vaccinated or if they have previously had the virus, I would encourage them to get tested so that we can start to do our own research to determine how long that protection is worth,” Kuhr explains.

Mesa County is still offering free vaccination’s across the Grand Valley with hopes that cases of Delta variant continue to decline.

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